Episode 3: Introduction from Your Host, Seb Frey

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Episode 3 of the Bay to Bay Podcast is an introduction from your host, Seb Frey. Seb has lived most of his life in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas. He was born in Oakland but grew up in Berkeley. As a child, he went to San Francisco regularly as a member of the San Francisco Boy’s Chorus. At age 17, he moved south to attend UC Santa Cruz. After a 14 year career in the Information Technology industry, he transitioned into real estate sales in 2003.

Listen to Seb as he shares information about himself, his career, and what he hopes to accomplish with the Bay to Bay Podcast. Also, he invites people to come on the show and talk about their experiences here in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay region.

Get It Sold by Seb Frey