Episode 9: Get the Low-Down on Flooring with Zach Liske

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With a booming economy comes new home construction, and a lot of remodeling and upgrading. If you’re looking at doing some significant home improvement, you’re probably thinking about flooring – and Zach Liske is an expert on the topic! Listen to an hour of talk and become an expert too. In this episode, Zach talks all about the incredible business he’s built: Floor Huggers.  We discuss how and why he built the business, where his business comes from, and of course we talk about the various products available on the market today, and what any discerning buyer should be concerned with.

Floor Huggers specializes in sustainable flooring, and we learn a lot about sustainable flooring products, and what to look for when it comes to quality flooring. We discuss genuine hardwood flooring, recycled flooring, engineered floors, laminate flooring, bamboo – there’s a dizzying array of options and you’re sure to learn a lot about what goes into a quality floor for your home.

We also spend some time talking about a business that sprang out of that, which is EcoDemo – a company that will demolish a home in an eco-friendly manner by recycling many components of it (and by doing so, a home owner can receive a fat tax credit!).  Many home owners today are choosing to demolish older homes and rebuild them in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way, and EcoDemo is at the forefront of this trend in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay region.

Floor Angels

At the end, Zach also talks about Floor Angels, a soon-to-be-launched endeavor where Floor Huggers will help a worthy cause (e.g. a non-profit, etc.). A worthy organization can be nominated by the community, and each year Floor Huggers will donate materials and/or labor to help make the new floor a reality. What a tremendous example to set and a great way to give back to the community!

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