Episode 11: Dr. Krista Healy on Life, Health, and Making it Work

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We had the pleasure of conversation with Dr. Krista Healy, a chiropractor in Aptos, California.  Dr. Healy is a native of Canada, and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area (specifically, San Jose) to attend chiropractic school in 1997, and has been living in California ever since.

When people think of the immigrant experience in California, we don’t often think of Canadians – but yes, many do live among us, and are immigrants like tens of millions of their contemporaries from other countries.  During our discussion, she relates the early years of living in San Jose in an expensive, overcrowded house – a familiar tale from students and immigrants alike.

She shares the journey she took from a new immigrant and student to a chiropractic professional in southern California, and how she ended up living back in Santa Cruz – and what she loves about living in the area.

Each of us who lives in the area has our own story to tell, about what we do to (at least try to) stitch together a happy and healthy life and career.  Dr. Healy’s story is one that is engaging and that many people will see themselves in.  We hope you enjoy listening to Dr. Healy share her northern California journey.  Be sure to listen all the way until the very end when she makes a very special offer for listeners of this episode!

Learn more about Dr. Krista Healy

Healy Chiropractic web site
Rodan and Fields Consultant Site

Text her to make an appointment for a consultation:  831-419-9289

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