Episode 12: Turn Around Interiors takes Home Staging to a Whole New Level

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I managed to get Jo Ann Cureton and Lisa Nicks-Balthasar on the line to talk about their passion: home staging. This dynamic duo runs Turn Around Interiors, one of the most popular home staging companies in Santa Cruz County (California). As you listen, you’ll understand why they’ve been able to stage some of the finest homes in our coastal region. We discuss how they got into this business, what attracts them to it, and why they keep at it after so many years. You’ll learn what their background and training is like, and why it’s so important that every home being sold get staged.

I asked them a lot of questions a homeowner might as, such as:

  • How much is a typical home staging budget?
  • Does every home need to be staged?
  • What homes benefit most from staging?
  • Is it important to stage a home, even in a tight market with no competition?
  • Should you stage the exterior as well as the interior?
  • What are the hottest trends in home staging these days?

Before the episode is over, you’ll understand why and how home staging gets homes sold more quickly, and for a significantly higher price than the non-stage competition. If you keep listening until the very end, you’ll hear about a very special offer they’re making just for listeners of the Bay to Bay Podcast!

You can contact Jo Ann and Lisa through their web site: www.TurnAround-Interiors.com. You can also reach them by telephone, Lisa at (831) 586-1844 or Jo Ann at (831) 239-7719.

Turn Around Interiors staged Villa Monte Verde

View more photos of their staging work on this home’s web site

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