Episode 14: Bay Area Bygone Days with Matt Wanhala

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Ever meet a guy who you just loved to shoot the breeze with?  The kind of dude where, even in today’s hectic mobile-this, app-that, instant-everything you just want to stop what you’re doing and sit down to enjoy a good old fashioned conversation?  I met a man like that – his name is Matt Wanhala.  He’s in his mid-70’s now, and has spent pretty much all his life in California.  In those decades, Matt got around quite a bit, and he’s seen and done a lot of interesting stuff.  And some of the stuff he’s done hasn’t maybe been that interesting, but when you hear him talk about it, you’re interested nevertheless!  Listen to Matt talk about growing up in the rugged north coast, fishing for tuna, filming a movie, hanging out with the rat pack, a brush with Charles Manson, black helicopters, throwing rocks at President Nixon, and so much other fun stuff!  Matt’s had a lot of good times, and he shares quite a few of them with us in this charming and rambling episode of the Bay to Bay Podcast.  Tune in, turn on, and enjoy!

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