Episode 50: Ben West Builds the Future of Affordable Housing

Ben West has been building homes for decades. But it wasn’t until he moved to California that he got the bug to start building affordable housing. Originally from Oregon, Ben wasn’t prepared for California’s sky-high housing costs. He was shocked, and also saw an opportunity: building stunning homes at rock-bottom prices. His company, Joy Line Homes, was born.

Construction costs in the greater San Francisco Bay Area are the highest in the world, at around an average of $417 per square foot. Joy Line Homes is able to construct homes at an average cost of around $150 per square foot (not including the land, permit fees, and the like).

The secret? These are manufactured homes – but manufactured homes unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. The level of customization available through Joy Line Homes has to be seen to be believed, and the homes are developed using advanced 3D rendering and virtual reality tools, so home buyers can design their homes, right down to the furnishings and artwork that will go inside.

You may contact Ben West via the Joy Line Homes web site.

Joy Line Homes – The Pines Model Video Tour