Episode 51: David Aronovici on Home Inspections

David Aronovici grew up in beautiful Aptos, California – in the heart of bucolic Santa Cruz County. His youthful passion as a surfer led him into a career in surf board manufacturing, which he pursued for 20 years before transitioning into real estate home inspections. When buying or selling real estate, one of the most crucial steps in the process is the home inspection. In this episode of the Bay to Bay podcast, we discuss a number of facets of home inspections, including:

  • What kind of training and education are required to become a home inspector
  • Licensing and/or government oversight of home inspectors?  
  • The biggest red flags a buyer should look out for on a home inspection?
  • Which era of homes or types of construction tend to have the least issues from a maintenance perspective
  • What kinds of problems that you note on a home inspection can turn into really costly repairs if not addressed in a timely fashion
  • How can someone know if an issue cited on a home inspection is “typical” or is really something of significant concern
  • How can a buyer prioritize the items for repair that are noted on a home inspection
  • Why do so many sellers choose to get a home inspection, if a buyer is responsible for doing their own inspections
  • What items do you NOT inspect that you see as common potential problems for the home owner
  • How can a buyer feel confident about, say, the structural integrity of a home if an inspector can’t open the walls to see what’s going on behind them
  • What new technologies are there, or soon-to-arrive technologies, that will help home inspectors do an even better job

To reach David Aronovici or order an inspection, you can find him on the web at http://www.4seasonsinspections.com/ or via telephone at 831-247-3707 or email at 4SeasonsInspections@gmail.com