Episode 45: Dan Chan the Billionaire’s Magician

Dan Chan is known as the Billionaire’s Magician. But before he was a full-time magician, He was a pre-IPO Silicon Valley employee. He worked alongside Elon Musk and Peter Thiel at PayPal with a side hustle performing magic, pick-pocketing, and fire juggling.

Initially, he thought PayPal was the dream job. However, when reality set in He hated the job. It was boring. He had only vested 13 months of his stock options when he left to pursue his dream of performing magic, he gave up approximately 3/4 of his stock options.

There are many angles of his story that have not been covered by media outlets. Since he moved on from PayPal, he’s performed for many companies in Silicon Valley and has been nominated “Silicon Valley’s Favorite Magician” by BuzzFeed.

His wife, Katherine, is blessed with the skill of twisting balloons. She can make almost ANYTHING just by looking at a picture and has twisted life-size superheroes, life-size motorcycles, and even parade floats – with ONLY balloons and markers. Kat is also his beautiful onstage assistant.

His son, James, has the extraordinary ability to juggle balls, clubs, and flaming torches! He can juggle up to 5 balls, pass up to 8 balls with his father, and can juggle three burning torches. He also does world class magic, in fact he’s performing at corporate events regularly!

Like James, his daughter, Grace, can juggle up to 4 balls, can pass up to 7 balls, and can do the best math and memory illusions.

And then there’s Dan. He does world-class sleight of hand, pickpocketing, and iPhone illusions. He’s performed for many companies in Silicon Valley and has been nominated “Silicon Valley’s Favorite Magician”. Listen to Dan tell his story in this special episode of the Bay to Bay Podcast.

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Episode 21: Sam Reyes Comes In Loud and Clear

There’s all kinds of folks that live in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas. There are so many different perspectives, points of views, opinions, dogmas, etc., it’s amazing. It’s beautiful, really. But if you’re paying attention, you might notice that so much of the public discourse on relevant topics is basically an echo chamber of old(er) white guys talking about what they think is best for everyone.

That’s what makes this episode of the Bay to Bay Podcast so refreshing. In this episode, I spend an hour chatting with Sam Reyes, who works for a couple of radio stations in San Jose (Mix 106.5 and 94.5 Bay FM) and is also a co-host of her own podcast, the MESS. She’s only in her mid-20’s but Sam has a lot going on, and is working to create an amazing life for herself and her new family – on her own terms. We talk about a whole bunch of stuff – she’s a foodie, a body activist, and a young African American female in a business where not too many folks meeting that description have made their mark. What’s it take to succeed in the Bay Area in the broadcast industry? Listen to Sam and you’ll find out!

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