Episode 47: Melissa Ergo Captures the Light

Melissa Ergo is a wedding photographer based in Santa Cruz, California. Wedding photography is a competitive business – there’s a relatively low bar to entry so it’s a crowded field. So how does someone stand out, make a living, and actually be successful in a field that accepts all comers? Our guest Melissa Ergo shares her story and dishes on how she’s been able to be herself, while being a distinctive and successful professional photographer.

We talk about her childhood, her education, and how she got started in the photography business. We go over the tools she uses to capture the light through the glass of her lenses. Perhaps most importantly, we talk about what drives her to keep working so hard to deliver uncanny photographs for her clients on what is often the most memorable day of their lives.

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Episode 46: Firesafe Council of Santa Cruz County

I sat down to talk fire safety with LizAnne Jensen and Ed Hayes of the Fire Safe Council of Santa Cruz in the EOC (Emergency Operations Center) of Santa Cruz County. LizAnne and Ed are volunteers, helping to spread the word about how homeowners can better prepare for wild fires. Both of them live neighborhoods that are heavily forested and have had brushes with wildfires in the past. We covered a number of topics:

What can I do now to plan ahead for a wildland fire?
What is the wildland-urban interface (WUI?)
What is a resilient forest, and why does it matter?
What impact will a changing climate have on wildfires here in Santa Cruz County?
What is a defensible space?
What is home hardening?
What can I do to make my home safer from wildfires?
What can my neighborhood do to become safer from wildfires?
Why should I attend one of the Fire Safe Council’s Home Hardening presentations?
What can I do if my home owner’s insurance is canceled?
What “special” items do I want in my Go Bag if I have to evacuate?
What can I do to get ready if a fire is threatening, but I don’t yet have to evacuate?
What should I do if I have to evacuate?
Why should I do an Evacuation Drill?
Why should I sign up for mailings from the Fire Safe Council of Santa Cruz County?

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Episode 45: Dan Chan the Billionaire’s Magician

Dan Chan is known as the Billionaire’s Magician. But before he was a full-time magician, He was a pre-IPO Silicon Valley employee. He worked alongside Elon Musk and Peter Thiel at PayPal with a side hustle performing magic, pick-pocketing, and fire juggling.

Initially, he thought PayPal was the dream job. However, when reality set in He hated the job. It was boring. He had only vested 13 months of his stock options when he left to pursue his dream of performing magic, he gave up approximately 3/4 of his stock options.

There are many angles of his story that have not been covered by media outlets. Since he moved on from PayPal, he’s performed for many companies in Silicon Valley and has been nominated “Silicon Valley’s Favorite Magician” by BuzzFeed.

His wife, Katherine, is blessed with the skill of twisting balloons. She can make almost ANYTHING just by looking at a picture and has twisted life-size superheroes, life-size motorcycles, and even parade floats – with ONLY balloons and markers. Kat is also his beautiful onstage assistant.

His son, James, has the extraordinary ability to juggle balls, clubs, and flaming torches! He can juggle up to 5 balls, pass up to 8 balls with his father, and can juggle three burning torches. He also does world class magic, in fact he’s performing at corporate events regularly!

Like James, his daughter, Grace, can juggle up to 4 balls, can pass up to 7 balls, and can do the best math and memory illusions.

And then there’s Dan. He does world-class sleight of hand, pickpocketing, and iPhone illusions. He’s performed for many companies in Silicon Valley and has been nominated “Silicon Valley’s Favorite Magician”. Listen to Dan tell his story in this special episode of the Bay to Bay Podcast.

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Episode 44: Leslie Appleton-Young Crunches the Numbers

I am beyond thrilled to welcome Leslie Appleton-Young as my guest for the 44th episode of the Bay to Bay Podcast! Leslie is the Chief Economist for the California Association of REALTORS. I’m a huge fan, and I have been listening to and watching Leslie’s forecasts on the California real estate economy for years. Many of the facts and figures I give my clients and share on my web sites come from information I gleaned listening to Leslie, so it was a huge honor for me to have her on the podcast. In this episode, we discuss:

  • What is economics exactly, and what she loves about it so much.
  • The relationship between the federal funds rate and mortgage rates ,and why they may not move in lockstep.
  • Why housing in California is so unaffordable and what an economist would say is the solution.
  • What work goes in to making her trademark real estate market forecasts
  • What key metric home owners and REALTORS should look at to see which way the market is headed
  • The possibility of a recession in California or the USA in the next 1-2 years
  • The prospects for “blue collar” job wage growth in California
  • Why the number of homes being sold in California is today so far below historical norms
  • Is California currently in a housing bubble?
  • What would cause a home price correction?
  • The affects of the Trump tax plan on California home prices

Watch Leslie Appleton-Young’s 2019 Mid-Year Update

Episode 43: Cory Ybarra is Building for Generations

For this episode of the Bay to Bay Podcast we welcome Cory Ybarra as our guest, to talk about her work with Building for Generations. Building for Generations is a non-profit that Cory started when she saw a need in a far-off Tanzania in 2005. Their mission is to support education projects with a focus on persons with special needs by building facilities and providing materials with a goal of creating sustainable programs. This work is especially meaningful for Cory, as she is the mother of a special-needs son.

In our conversation, we talked about a number of topics,

  • Some of the biggest challenges raising a special-needs child.
  • The special joys that come with having a special-needs child
  • Her early professional life
  • What Building for Generations is all about
  • How Building for Generations got its start
  • How Building for Generations got its name
  • Their ongoing programs in Tanzania and Peru
  • The challenges running a non-profit
  • How to work effectively in such far-flung places
  • Finding volunteers to help serve on the board and with the projects
  • The biggest challenges with fundraising

Episode 42: Kevin Corr, Mold Guy

Kevin Corr grew up in San Jose, and ever since he was a kid, he always had a fascination with mold. I jest, of course! He didn’t come to mold – the mold came to him. Kevin is an entrepreneur, and the owner of Applied Real Estate Inspections – a Bay Area mold inspection company. Mold is a hot topic for many homeowners, and for anyone who’s ever had a water leak, they’ll tell you – it’s a tricky problem!

We talked about a great many subjects in this podcast episode:

  • How Kevin got into the mold inspection business?
  • How mold gets started and what mold needs to thrive.
  • Why people seem get so freaked out about mold.
  • Why there are no federal standards regarding safe levels of various molds.
  • The worst areas in Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, and Monterey for mold issues.
  • The kinds of houses that tend to have mold issues.
  • The difference between mold and mildew.
  • If a “musty” smell indicative of mold in a house.
  • Can mold migrate from one area to others in a house?
  • The worst mold case he’s ever seen
  • Easy home remedies or do-it-yourself resources for mold abatement

Episode 41: Bob Owens, Termite Guy

Bob Owens is a native of Chicago, Illinois where he lived until joining the United States Air Force at age 19. He served the Air Force as an aircraft maintenance specialist for twenty years, working all over the globe, before being invited by an Air Force buddy to come to Santa Cruz “for a week” – 20 years ago! He’s been in Santa Cruz ever since.

Bob Owens is the owner/operator of O2 Termite in Santa Cruz, California. They specialize in termite inspections and treatment, and have a well-deserved reputation as one of the best termite companies in town. Bob brings a strong ethic of providing high-quality, no-BS inspection reports. He tells it like it is; he wont’ sugar coat a problem but he will not exaggerate it either.

You may not think of termite inspection and treatment as especially sexy fodder for a podcast, but wood destroying pests and organisms are a multi-billion dollar issue in California, and understanding how to protect the wood in your home is critical for any homeowner, or prospective homeowner.

Find Bob and O2 Termite on the Web: https://o2termite.com

Episode 40: Victor Gomez, Pragmatic Lobbyist

Victor Gomez is perhaps best known as having been a member of the City Council of Hollister for eight years, and was Mayor of Hollister for one of those years. He also served as the President of the Monterey Bay Chapter of the California League of Cities, and has worked for a number of local politicians as well.

Victor is a born storyteller, and we love a good story. In this episode of the Bay to Bay Podcast, Victor shares a number of stories with us – and they are riveting. Victor shares stories about his grandfather and father, both of whom were Mayors in Mexico, about how he came to own a number of Papa Murphys take-and-bake pizza franchises at a very young age, the story of how is family immigrated to Hollister from Mexico, and the tragic murder of his sister, and the effect that’s had on his life.

This episode of the Bay to Bay Podcast is one for the record books! Please listen and share. Victor also mentions at the end how he is participating as he has for years in “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes: The International Men’s March to Stop Rape, Sexual Assault and Gender Violence.” If you’d like to sponsor Victor for the walk, you can do so by clicking the link below:

Sponsor Victor Gomez for Walk a Mile in her Shoes San Benito

Or check out Walk a Mile San Benito:


You can reach Victor Gomez and learn more about his professional services by visiting https://pinnaclestrategy.org/

Episode 39: Coco McGrath Shows You the World

If you thought travel agents are dead, don’t say that around Coco McGrath. She’s a new breed of travel agent – more a travel consultant, armed with a lifetime of experience in travel and powerful new platforms to help people research, explore, and book their travel options.

While Coco helps clients book travel by land, air and sea – her specialty is cruising. Cruising is a whole travel world unto itself, with a cruise for every lifestyle – families with kids, singles, LGBTQ, retirees, vegan, carnivore – you name it, and the industry has a cruise for you, to all points on the globe, in a wide arrange of price ranges.


Cruises by Coco phone #: 831-539-5399

Episode 38: Jennifer Mount on Coaching Leadership and Professional Development

Jennifer Mount is a native of Connecticut, who says she manifested her current life in California while living on the East Coast. In college, she majored in Education with a minor in Spanish, but in 2006 she ended up with a job as a Client Services Manager for Fidelity Investments in San Francisco, who ultimately paid for her MBA, which she got at the University of San Francisco. She calls her time at Fidelity a “tangent” in her career, because coaching and helping others succeed has always been her passion.

In 2010, Fidelity went through a re-organization and offered to move her to Texas, or give her “the package.” She had no interest in moving to Texas, but it did allow her to focus on her passion, which is teaching and Leadership. At this time she decided she’d change her to career to become a professional development and leadership coach facilitator.

Today, Jennifer is a part time coach as well as an instructor and facilitator with Cabrillo College in Aptos. Local businesses in Santa Cruz will send their employees to Cabrillo College for professional development, and Cabrillo College will also send teaching staff into businesses to help them develop their employees as Supervisors and Leaders through a development of a custom curriculum for their business.

The best way to connect with Jennifer is via telephone 831-888-6927 but you can get her via email at jennifermountcoaching@gmail.com

Toward the end, she also shares the famous Secret in Napoleon Hill’s seminal book, Think and Grow Rich! So be sure and listen all the way to the last little bit.

Learn more about Professional Development at Cabrillo College.