Episode 14: Bay Area Bygone Days with Matt Wanhala

Ever meet a guy who you just loved to shoot the breeze with?  The kind of dude where, even in today’s hectic mobile-this, app-that, instant-everything you just want to stop what you’re doing and sit down to enjoy a good old fashioned conversation?  I met a man like that – his name is Matt Wanhala.  He’s in his mid-70’s now, and has spent pretty much all his life in California.  In those decades, Matt got around quite a bit, and he’s seen and done a lot of interesting stuff.  And some of the stuff he’s done hasn’t maybe been that interesting, but when you hear him talk about it, you’re interested nevertheless!  Listen to Matt talk about growing up in the rugged north coast, fishing for tuna, filming a movie, hanging out with the rat pack, a brush with Charles Manson, black helicopters, throwing rocks at President Nixon, and so much other fun stuff!  Matt’s had a lot of good times, and he shares quite a few of them with us in this charming and rambling episode of the Bay to Bay Podcast.  Tune in, turn on, and enjoy!

Episode 13: Residential Assisted Living with Gene Guarino

The San Francisco and Monterey Bay area is full of high-earning families who are always looking for good investment vehicles to bank their hard-earned gains.  Many folks with money to invest consider the real estate market – but with real estate prices as high as they are, the cash on cash return for many real estate investments hardly justify the risk of the investment itself.

For all those would-be investors who are finding diminished returns on their real estate portfolio, Gene Guarino at the Residential Assisted Living Academy has a message you’ll want to hear.  There’s a tremendous investment opportunity for folks who are looking to buy, open, or lease residential assisted care facilities.  That may sound like a lot of work to some – but it doesn’t have to be, as you’ll discover when you listen to this episode.

There’s an incredible opportunity here, as the number of people who will be needing assisted living continues to grow for the next twenty years as baby boomers begin to reach that stage in life where they can no longer live on their own.  Smaller facilities such as are run in single family homes often provide residents a better, yet more affordable quality of life than offered by many of the larger, institutional senior care facilities.

If you’re looking for a sound investment strategy that is taylor made for America’s greying demographics, you owe it to yourself to listen as I speak with Gene Guarino at the Residential Assisted Living Academy.

If you’re interested in learning more, please visit this link to sign up for a 1 day free introductory course from the Residential Assisted Living Academy!


Episode 12: Turn Around Interiors takes Home Staging to a Whole New Level

I managed to get Jo Ann Cureton and Lisa Nicks-Balthasar on the line to talk about their passion: home staging. This dynamic duo runs Turn Around Interiors, one of the most popular home staging companies in Santa Cruz County (California). As you listen, you’ll understand why they’ve been able to stage some of the finest homes in our coastal region. We discuss how they got into this business, what attracts them to it, and why they keep at it after so many years. You’ll learn what their background and training is like, and why it’s so important that every home being sold get staged.

I asked them a lot of questions a homeowner might as, such as:

  • How much is a typical home staging budget?
  • Does every home need to be staged?
  • What homes benefit most from staging?
  • Is it important to stage a home, even in a tight market with no competition?
  • Should you stage the exterior as well as the interior?
  • What are the hottest trends in home staging these days?

Before the episode is over, you’ll understand why and how home staging gets homes sold more quickly, and for a significantly higher price than the non-stage competition. If you keep listening until the very end, you’ll hear about a very special offer they’re making just for listeners of the Bay to Bay Podcast!

You can contact Jo Ann and Lisa through their web site: www.TurnAround-Interiors.com. You can also reach them by telephone, Lisa at (831) 586-1844 or Jo Ann at (831) 239-7719.

Turn Around Interiors staged Villa Monte Verde

View more photos of their staging work on this home’s web site

Episode 11: Dr. Krista Healy on Life, Health, and Making it Work

We had the pleasure of conversation with Dr. Krista Healy, a chiropractor in Aptos, California.  Dr. Healy is a native of Canada, and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area (specifically, San Jose) to attend chiropractic school in 1997, and has been living in California ever since.

When people think of the immigrant experience in California, we don’t often think of Canadians – but yes, many do live among us, and are immigrants like tens of millions of their contemporaries from other countries.  During our discussion, she relates the early years of living in San Jose in an expensive, overcrowded house – a familiar tale from students and immigrants alike.

She shares the journey she took from a new immigrant and student to a chiropractic professional in southern California, and how she ended up living back in Santa Cruz – and what she loves about living in the area.

Each of us who lives in the area has our own story to tell, about what we do to (at least try to) stitch together a happy and healthy life and career.  Dr. Healy’s story is one that is engaging and that many people will see themselves in.  We hope you enjoy listening to Dr. Healy share her northern California journey.  Be sure to listen all the way until the very end when she makes a very special offer for listeners of this episode!

Learn more about Dr. Krista Healy

Healy Chiropractic web site
Rodan and Fields Consultant Site

Text her to make an appointment for a consultation:  831-419-9289

Episode 10: Santa Cruz County Greenway Presentation

Listen to a presentation by Santa Cruz County Greenway about their vision for the future use of the Santa Cruz Branch Line Rail Corridor.  The rail corridor is a 32 mile stretch of track that runs from Davenport in the north of the county all the way to Watsonville in the south.  The corridor is very scenic and runs through many communities in Santa Cruz, including the city of Santa Cruz, Live Oak, Capitola, Aptos, and La Selva Beach.  Santa Cruz County Greenway is promoting a vision of the rail corridor as a linear park, used by pedestrians and bicyclists to get around the county.  This is in contrast to the plan promoted by the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission, which wants to establish passenger rail service on the corridor with a pedestrian and bike path on the side.  Listen to the presentation and make up your own mind about how to best use this priceless asset.

Video of the Santa Cruz County Greenway Presentation

As you can see from watching the video of the presentation, the event was well attended – standing room only. There is enormous interest in the future use of the Santa Cruz Branch Line rail corridor. While many people in the community support passenger rail service when it makes sense, many folks feel that it is not the right fit for the Santa Cruz community.

Episode 9: Get the Low-Down on Flooring with Zach Liske

With a booming economy comes new home construction, and a lot of remodeling and upgrading. If you’re looking at doing some significant home improvement, you’re probably thinking about flooring – and Zach Liske is an expert on the topic! Listen to an hour of talk and become an expert too. In this episode, Zach talks all about the incredible business he’s built: Floor Huggers.  We discuss how and why he built the business, where his business comes from, and of course we talk about the various products available on the market today, and what any discerning buyer should be concerned with.

Floor Huggers specializes in sustainable flooring, and we learn a lot about sustainable flooring products, and what to look for when it comes to quality flooring. We discuss genuine hardwood flooring, recycled flooring, engineered floors, laminate flooring, bamboo – there’s a dizzying array of options and you’re sure to learn a lot about what goes into a quality floor for your home.

We also spend some time talking about a business that sprang out of that, which is EcoDemo – a company that will demolish a home in an eco-friendly manner by recycling many components of it (and by doing so, a home owner can receive a fat tax credit!).  Many home owners today are choosing to demolish older homes and rebuild them in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way, and EcoDemo is at the forefront of this trend in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay region.

Floor Angels

At the end, Zach also talks about Floor Angels, a soon-to-be-launched endeavor where Floor Huggers will help a worthy cause (e.g. a non-profit, etc.). A worthy organization can be nominated by the community, and each year Floor Huggers will donate materials and/or labor to help make the new floor a reality. What a tremendous example to set and a great way to give back to the community!

Check out Floor Huggers on Houzz

Check out Floor Huggers on Yelp

Check out Floor Huggers on HomeAdvisor

Episode 8: Digging California Archaeology with Dustin McKenzie

In this episode of the Bay to Bay Podcast we talk to Dustin McKenzie of the Cabrillo College anthropology department.  Dustin is a local archaeology expert on the history of the San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas.  We enjoyed an hour long, wide-ranging chat in which Dustin shared a wealth of information about the people who have historically populated the region.  In particular, we discussed:

  • How long have humans lived in the region, and where they came from
  • How many people lived here millennia ago, who did they trade with, where they lived
  • What kind of technology did they have, and what language(s) they spoke
  • Ancient forms of California government
  • What life was like for women in ancient California
  • The arrival of Spanish explorers in California
  • Archaeological study European history in California
  • The Spanish Missions vis a vis the experiences of the native people
  • Where people can go today to see ancient artifacts from California’s history
  • Archaeology meet-ups in the area where people can go geek out on the subject and meet fellow enthusiasts
  • Where and how to get a job in archaeology

One thing that really comes through in this episode is the guest’s love for this field of study! It’s infectious, and you’re sure to gain a better appreciation for this field of study, how much work is yet to be done, and the surprising number of opportunities for people interested in pursuing this as a career.  Towards the end of our discussion, we talked at some length about the Cabrillo College archaeology summer field program, where participants spend four weeks over the summer doing archaeology work around the region.


Cabrillo College archaeology field school blog: http://ccarchfieldschool.blogspot.com/

Society for California Archaeology: https://scahome.org/

Santa Cruz Archeological Society: http://www.santacruzarchsociety.org/

Episode 7: Great Things to Do in the Bay Area with Seb Frey

In this episode of the Bay to Bay Podcast, our host Seb Frey does a solo session. Just Seb, the microphone, a loose set of notes, and the peace and quiet of an early morning to fill with talk about the magnificent area he lives in. He shares why he loves living in the San Francisco and Monterey bay region, and what keeps him here. He goes on to describe many of the attractions and things to do in the area which he has personally enjoyed over living in the area over four decades. Come explore the San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas through the eyes and voice of a native and (nearly) life-long resident of this amazing California region.

In this monologue, Seb shares many of his favorite places to go and things to do, including (but not limited to!):

      • Telegraph Avenue (Berkeley)
        The View from Grizzly Peak (Berkeley)
        Tilden Park (Berkeley)
        Visiting the Golden Gate Bridge
        Riding on the cable cars
        Alcatraz Island
        Golden Gate Park
        See the San Francisco Giants at AT&T Park
        San Francisco’s Mission District
        Ardenwood Historic Farm (Fremont)
        Stanford University (Palo Alto)
        University Avenue in Palo Alto
        Castro Street (Mountain View)
        Santana Row (San Jose)
        Downtown Los Gatos
        Castle Rock State Park
        Skyline to the sea Trail
        Gilroy Gardens
        Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
        Big Basin State Park (Boulder Creek / Santa Cruz County)
        Forest of Nisene Marks State Park (Aptos)
        Platforms Beach (Aptos)
        Santa Cruz Wineries (Santa Cruz)
        Santa Cruz Micro Breweries
        West Cliff Drive Walk (Santa Cruz)
        Catalyst Club (Santa Cruz)
        Downtown Monterey / Wharf
        Monterey Bay Aquarium
        Pacific Grove Coastal Recreation Trail
        Carmel Village / Carmel Beach
        Point Lobos
      • Sykes Hot Springs in Big Sur

Episode 6: Real Estate Appraisal with Kristina Campbell

In this episode of the Bay to Bay Podcast, we speak with Kristina Campbell, a licensed real estate appraiser who works exclusively in the Santa Cruz County (California) market. It was a wide ranging and engaging discussion, touching on a number of appraisal issues that will be of interest to anyone who is thinking about buying, selling, or refinancing a property. One thing that really shines through in this discussion is that appraisal is an art form – but one that is held to a very high standard by lenders, regulators, courts, and other arms of government. Ever wonder which home upgrades really deliver the most bang for the buck? How you figure out how much your “million dollar view” is actually worth? Then you’ll definitely want to download and listen to this episode of the Bay to Bay Podcast!

Need a residential real estate appraisal in Santa Cruz county? You can reach Kristina via email at coasthomeappraisal@gmail.com, or by phone at (831) 247-7223

Episode 5: Kevin Gonzales Talks about the Video Business

For the fifth episode of the Bay to Bay Podcast, we have our first live guest – video producer Kevin Gonzales of 12 Point Productions.  Kevin shares his story with us – where he comes from, how he ended up living in the San Francisco Bay Area, how he got started in the business of professional video production, and where he wants to go with his career.  Kevin’s got a gift for gab, and he offers up a lot of entertaining stories of his journey through life.  He also talks about his upcoming short film, The Litter Bug.