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Episode 49: Cabrillo College in 2020

I had the opportunity late in 2019 to sit down with Cabrillo College President Matthew Wetstein and Cabrillo Board Trustee Adam Spickler to discuss the present and future of Cabrillo College. Cabrillo College is a cherished and well-regarded junior college with campuses in Aptos and Watsonville, with a student body of approximately 12,000.

As luck would have it, there was some electromagnetic interference going on when we did the recording – so there are places where you’ll hear static, clicks, and pops in the interview. I did what I could to clean up the audio, and overall it’s not too hard on the ears, but please excuse the audio artifacts sprinkled throughout.

Matt, Adam, and I had a wide ranging discussion about Cabrillo, beginning with introductions from Matt and Adam discussing their backgrounds and how they came to work with Cabrillo. We proceeded to chat about number of topics that will be of interest to listeners, such as the present state of the college, new initiatives at Cabrillo, and the challenges the school is facing today.

A substantial part of the conversation centered around a new 2020 bond measure (Measure R) that would raise $274 million for facilities improvements and expansion. This bond measure would enable the school to create the kind of 21st Century learning facilities needed to ensure that students get the education they need to succeed in the modern workforce.

Overview of the 2020 Bond Measure:

Proposed Projects:

Learn more at Cabrillo’s Yes on R Page.

Whatever you think about the proposed bond measure, you’ll be sure to learn a whole lot about Cabrillo College and what makes it such an exceptional asset to the community in Santa Cruz and beyond. If you are interested in learning more about the pros-and-cons of Measure R, check out this page.

Voters will be asked to weigh in on this measure on the March 3, 2020 Primary ballot.

Episode 38: Jennifer Mount on Coaching Leadership and Professional Development

Jennifer Mount is a native of Connecticut, who says she manifested her current life in California while living on the East Coast. In college, she majored in Education with a minor in Spanish, but in 2006 she ended up with a job as a Client Services Manager for Fidelity Investments in San Francisco, who ultimately paid for her MBA, which she got at the University of San Francisco. She calls her time at Fidelity a “tangent” in her career, because coaching and helping others succeed has always been her passion.

In 2010, Fidelity went through a re-organization and offered to move her to Texas, or give her “the package.” She had no interest in moving to Texas, but it did allow her to focus on her passion, which is teaching and Leadership. At this time she decided she’d change her to career to become a professional development and leadership coach facilitator.

Today, Jennifer is a part time coach as well as an instructor and facilitator with Cabrillo College in Aptos. Local businesses in Santa Cruz will send their employees to Cabrillo College for professional development, and Cabrillo College will also send teaching staff into businesses to help them develop their employees as Supervisors and Leaders through a development of a custom curriculum for their business.

The best way to connect with Jennifer is via telephone 831-888-6927 but you can get her via email at

Toward the end, she also shares the famous Secret in Napoleon Hill’s seminal book, Think and Grow Rich! So be sure and listen all the way to the last little bit.

Learn more about Professional Development at Cabrillo College.

Episode 8: Digging California Archaeology with Dustin McKenzie

In this episode of the Bay to Bay Podcast we talk to Dustin McKenzie of the Cabrillo College anthropology department.  Dustin is a local archaeology expert on the history of the San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas.  We enjoyed an hour long, wide-ranging chat in which Dustin shared a wealth of information about the people who have historically populated the region.  In particular, we discussed:

  • How long have humans lived in the region, and where they came from
  • How many people lived here millennia ago, who did they trade with, where they lived
  • What kind of technology did they have, and what language(s) they spoke
  • Ancient forms of California government
  • What life was like for women in ancient California
  • The arrival of Spanish explorers in California
  • Archaeological study European history in California
  • The Spanish Missions vis a vis the experiences of the native people
  • Where people can go today to see ancient artifacts from California’s history
  • Archaeology meet-ups in the area where people can go geek out on the subject and meet fellow enthusiasts
  • Where and how to get a job in archaeology

One thing that really comes through in this episode is the guest’s love for this field of study! It’s infectious, and you’re sure to gain a better appreciation for this field of study, how much work is yet to be done, and the surprising number of opportunities for people interested in pursuing this as a career.  Towards the end of our discussion, we talked at some length about the Cabrillo College archaeology summer field program, where participants spend four weeks over the summer doing archaeology work around the region.


Cabrillo College archaeology field school blog:

Society for California Archaeology:

Santa Cruz Archeological Society: