Episode 50: Ben West Builds the Future of Affordable Housing

Ben West has been building homes for decades. But it wasn’t until he moved to California that he got the bug to start building affordable housing. Originally from Oregon, Ben wasn’t prepared for California’s sky-high housing costs. He was shocked, and also saw an opportunity: building stunning homes at rock-bottom prices. His company, Joy Line…

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Episode 17: Ian Magruder is taking off with Landed

Ian Magruder joined me for a discussion of Landed, the San Francisco-based startup company he works for.  When you sit down with Ian, you can really feel how excited he is about Landed’s work and its mission.  The mission is simple:  to help people buy a home, by providing down payment assistance. Ask anyone living…

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Episode 1: The Housing Crisis in Santa Cruz

This is our first episode of the Bay to Bay Podcast!  Last week, I appeared on KSCO radio to talk with producer Brad Polisuk about the Santa Cruz Housing Crisis. I was joined by Evan Siroky from Santa Cruz YIMBYs (“Yes In My Back Yard”) and Robert Singleton of the Santa Cruz County Business Council….

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